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How To Speak Barista

  • Barista: Italian for bartender, referring to one who brews and serves coffee and espresso
  • Cafe au Lait: One part brewed coffee, one part steamed milk
  • Caffe Americano: One part espresso, one part boiling water
  • Cafe Breve: Espresso using half-and-half instead of milk
  • Cappucino: Straight espresso, layer of steamed milk, layer of foamed milk
  • Con Leche: One part espresso, one part steamed milk
  • Con Panna: Espresso topped with a layer of whipped cream
  • Corretto: Espresso topped with cognac, brandy or other liqueur
  • Corto: "Short" shot of espresso made by pulling the espresso faster than normal (aka Ristretto)
  • Creme: Espresso topped with heavy cream
  • Dopio: Double shot espresso, one shot hot water (a shot is 1.5 ounces)
  • Frappuccino:Crushed iced mixture of coffee, milk, flavoring
  • Freddo: Espresso chilled and served over ice
  • Grande: Sixteen ounce beverage (one cup liquid = 8 oz)
  • Latte: One part espresso, four parts steamed milk
  • Latte Macchiato: Heated milk topped with one teaspoon of espresso
  • Latteccino: One part espresso, one part foamed milk, two parts steamed milk
  • Long Black: Hot water with a shot of espresso
  • Lungo: Espresso brewed longer, diluted with hot water (lungo is Italian for long)
  • Macchiato: Espresso topped with foamed milk, served demitasse
  • Mocha: Espresso, chocolate syrup, steamed milk topped with whipped milk and cocoa powder
  • Ristretto: "Short" shot of espresso made by pulling the espresso faster than normal (aka Corto)
  • Romano: Espresso with lemon twist or peel
  • Vente: A 20-ounce drink (Vente is Italian for twenty).