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Gaggia 1410 Classic Espresso Machine

Gaggia 1410 Classic Espresso Machine


For a quick cup of joe of the highest quality, you don't have to go farther than the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine. Their classic espresso machin... [Read more] USA, LLC

Nespresso Pixie Titan Bundle by Breville, Black/Gray

Nespresso Pixie Titan Bundle by Breville, Black/Gray

$279.99  $195.99

Find Coffee and Espresso Makers at! Master the perfect latte in the comfort of your own home with a Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine Bun... [Read more]


Mr. Coffee ECMP50-NP Espresso Machine, Black

Mr. Coffee ECMP50-NP Espresso Machine, Black

$89.99  $54.00

Unleash your inner barista with this espresso machine from Mr. Coffee. Quickly and easily impress friends with creamy, cafe-quality espressos, capp... [Read more]


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The Grind about Coffee Grinders

Most commercially available coffee grinders adjust to a wide variety of grind settings.
  • The finest grind produces a powder which can be mixed directly with hot water, the method for making Turkish coffee.
  • A rapid grinder is more likely to change the taste of the coffee since the process generates heat. If this is a concern, use a manual grinder.
  • For espresso, a very fine grind is preferable, but don't turn it into powder. Work rapidly to avoid heat buildup.
  • For a percolating coffee pot, coarse grinds will be more than acceptable. Give the grinder a frequent shake to keep the bean pieces in contact with the blade or burr.
  • Experiment with grinder settings and try to imitate the look and feel of your favorite commercial coffee brand. Rub a pinch of the commercial between thumb and forefinger, then test your own results. With a bit of practice and grinder adjustment, you'll do fine.
  • A burr mill will produce more consistent results and is more easily adjusted.
  • Although most burr mills and other grinders can be disassembled and cleaned, some residual taste is likely. Don't use your coffee mill to grind spices or vice versa!